What We’re Reading: November 2012

I love participating in the “What We’re Reading Blog Hop” over at ChristianUnschooling.com!  It’s so much fun to take note of not only what my older kids are reading but how much as well.  It’s mind boggling to think about the massive number of books they are reading each month.  Library trips are so much fun!

Lately I’ve been reading memoirs.  More specifically the memoirs of female comedians, comic actors, comedy writers.  Self-assigned homework I suppose.  I read books by Mindy Kaling, Kathy Griffin, and Sarah Silverman.  Now I’m nearly finished with Jane Lynch‘s book.  All of these books have been inspiring and have helped me learn more about myself not only as a comedy writer but as a woman.  The best thing that I learned from these books is that all four of these women had a crazy obsession with television.  And of course, anyone who knows me knows that I have always had a crazy obsession with television.  Somehow knowing that I had this trait in common with these women helped me to feel calm and at ease in my pursuit of comedy.  Maybe it might even turn into a career.  Who knows?
Hunter and Ronin are both really into graphic novels right now.  The Baby-sitter’s Club, SMILE, Manga Math Mysteries, Baby Mouse.

Hunter wanted to tell you a little about the Manga Math series:

“I like it because the things that they do are really interesting.  And I like the characters.  They do things like solve problems.  In one of the books I am learning about geometry.”

Join us over at ChristianUnschooling.com for the “What We’re Reading” blog hop!  We’d love to know what great book finds you have made lately!

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