Thanking God for Grandpa: Birds of the Air Post 1

My pal Jessica over at Bohemian Bowmans has started a new link up and I love the idea so much that I just have to jump in.  The Lord is so often showing Himself in my life and I love the opportunity to recognize it and point it out… giving credit where credit is due.  While God is constantly providing for our needs physically, I feel like writing about how He provided for more of an emotional need this past week.  Let me explain.

My oldest son, Hunter, had a bone marrow transplant two years ago.  He had to spend this past Friday at the hospital.  The entire day.  It was his two year anniversary check up and these anniversary deals are loooooong and drawn out.  Thorough.  I’ll tell you more about his day in an upcoming episode of our webseries.  Anyway, the plan had originally been for us to find a friend to watch my daughter and my youngest son so that Hunter’s dad could spend the day with us at the hospital.  Because there were so many appointments and you never know how long each appointment might take, we had no idea if we’d have time to stop and eat and we’d be dragging our junk with us all over the hospital.  Plus his last appointment was a follow up to some cognitive evaluations that he’d completed recently and the evaluator really wanted his dad to be there too.

Hunter with his Grandpa who he adores 🙂

Finding a friend to watch the kids proved to be impossible.  Then Hunter’s dad got sick and we just decided to forget him going.  He couldn’t bring his virus germs into the cancer clinic.  So, miracle of all miracles, my dad offered to meet us there.  So that I wasn’t there all day alone.  He was so sweet.  He was great company and support.  He babysat our bags while we were in the appointments.  And he even bought Hunter some ice cream after he finished his lunch (which, luckily, we were able to actually enjoy leisurely between appointments).  Having my dad there helped me feel much calmer and at ease which turned out to be very important because I had to listen to some pretty disconcerting news at his cognitive evaluation follow-up.  Hunter even commented that it was really neat to get to spend a long time with Grandpa because usually when he visits, he’s in and out quickly.  I agreed wholeheartedly.

I am thankful that God provided the perfect support person during a really stressful day.  Turned out that not having Hunter’s dad there wasn’t a big deal because he was able to Skype with us during the follow-up information session.  Winning!


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