Goals, plans, and lofty aspirations: Turning 35

Monday was my 35th birthday.  I would typically publish this post about my goals ON or before my birthday but I was waiting to hear back from a job interview that I had.

For my birthday, the kids stayed up late and made these lovely cards and flowers for me. They presented them to me with this awesome B-52s charm bracelet! So sweet!

So it seems that I didn’t get the job and after a good long cry, I’m ready to move forward with refocusing on my goals for my 36th year.  Ahem.
1.  Writing… and publishing.  This year I will continue to focus on my writing.  But I’m finally ready to work toward a goal of something bigger.  I’m prepared to write a cookbook/memoirs.  I’m also prepared to work towards publishing a brochure to be distributed to and by the families of sick children.  And, I hope to move forward with a graphic novel idea… if I can find someone who can illustrate it.

2.  Exercise.  This is self-explanatory.  I must I must I must start exercising again.  Yoga.  Running.  Just Dance.  Wii Fit.  Something.

3.  Comedy.  I will continue to read about comedy, watch comedy, learn about comedy and write comedy.  Then, I will perform comedy.  And I will keep writing with my friend Jake (an answer to prayers… about a week after I decided I was definitely doing comedy, he contacted me and asked me to write comedy with him and we’ve been working together ever since).

4.  Make Money.  I will pray that God shows me some way to help financially support myself and my children.  So far it’s not been very clear.


Some other things on my radar:  starting a business of my own, investigating going to school to become a lactation consultant, getting myself an agent and pursuing an acting career of my own, and of course the ridiculous goal of somehow, some way getting my own tv show.

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate prayers and good thoughts as I work toward these goals.


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