You Do Better, Too.

This morning I read a post on Facebook about a ten year wedding anniversary and ideas for a trip.  Immediately this sent me spiraling down a hole of anger, hurt and resentment.  A trip!  Are you kidding me?  I would have been happy with a card.  Or a kiss and a “Happy Anniversary”.  Oh the many ways my husband has failed me.

Oh poor me.

Oh how angry I am at him.

Why did I marry someone who would ignore our 10th anniversary?

I deserve better than that.

I talked to him about it.  He reminded me that I didn’t do much better and that it wasn’t all on him.  I told him he has several months to plan on making the 11th anniversary better.  I emphatically said, “Do better” and he said, “Okay, you do better too.”

All the while, he was laying in bed with a very sick four year old.

About half an hour later, after the two of them had drifted off to sleep and I was getting ready for my shower (a rare pleasure these days), I was convicted in a major way.

Suddenly I could barely breathe as I gazed at the two sleeping loves of my life in my bed.SONY DSC

I was overwhelmed with love, not only for my four year old angel baby, but also for the man sleeping next to him.

The man who barely slept all night two nights ago because we had a sick child and he took the sick child into another room so that the rest of us might be saved from the nasty stomach bug.

The man who, after dealing with a feverish, puking child all night drove to Nashville and spent his entire day undergoing a series of physical and written tests in order to be in the running for a new job that would better provide for his family.  The man who came home to me, kissed me and helped out with a few chores, and then spent a couple hours comforting his sick little boy who had missed him so desperately all day long.  And then he went to work.

The man who worked overnight at a job he doesn’t enjoy only to turn around and come home, crawl into bed with said sick boy and push fluids and offer a warm shoulder of comfort and a loving arm of support.

The man who will wake up shortly and take his daughter to softball practice where he will make little girls laugh and get all bashful because of his charm.

The man who is enough.  The man who is more than enough.

I do hope he does better on our 11th wedding anniversary.  But not out of obligation.  Instead out of love and honor for the wife he has because she’s made him feel so loved and honored during their 11th year of marriage.  Because of that.


7 thoughts on “You Do Better, Too.

  1. LOVE that you (rather quickly) responded to that conviction, that you allowed God to minister to your heart, that you didn’t wallow in self-pity for months or years, that you came out victorious in your marriage today (and it’s a daily battle against pride and the world) because you were obedient to the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you! I am so proud of you! And this has encouraged me to do better, too….

    • Thanks Kim! You are so right! It IS a daily battle. I pray that my ability to love him where he is at will allow him the same grace toward me. I’m not perfect but I sure do have a lot to offer a man. 🙂

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