I May Have Finally Found a System that Works

I have been in desperate need of a system for productivity for quite some time now.  There are a million things that I need to do, want to do, have to do and the more I tried to focus on those things, the more stressed I’ve become.  I’ve tried checklists, planning what all I needed to get done along with our school plans every Sunday, maps of goals, prayer, ignoring the things.  They never went away.  They were always there.  Not getting done.  The trouble with being creative, an artist, is that the need to create, make, do, invent is always there.  As soon as you finish one project, you have to start another.  But if you are like me, it’s hard to focus on all of your goals, especially when 80% of your time, energy, and mind power are already committed to homeschooling, running a house, feeding your family whole foods, and dealing with parenting a child with “special” needs (i.e. driving him around all week to his bajillion appointments).

So, finally, after YEARS of trying to function like this, I believe I have finally found a solution.

What I have created is a rotating weekly schedule.

The things that I have been wanting to work on are as follows:

Exercise:  I love to play Just Dance, hula hoop, run, toning and to do yoga.

My blog

Contributing to an outside fun writing project (right now that project is all things “The Office-isms

Rosetta Stone Spanish

And extra creative:  Recently it was working on my play.  Now it’s outlining my memoir, practicing some stand up, and sewing.

The way this works is that each week I will assign myself something to focus on.  Each week I will have an exercise to focus on.

Last week it was “The Office-isms” and toning.

This week it was my own blog with yoga and running.

Next week, it’s Spanish.  I will keep doing yoga as I’m working on a 21 day yoga challenge (which, at this rate, will take me about 40 days and that is okay).

Thanks to this new system, I have worked out three days this week.   I have completed two articles for “The Office-isms” blog.  And right now I’m working on my third article for my own blog this week… plus I updated the layout and some pages.

I have no idea how long this system will work but for now, I’m pleased as can be with the relaxed feeling it’s allowing me.  I’m productive AND I’m not stressed about being productive.  Awesomesauce.


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