40 iPad Apps That Our Homeschooling Family Loves

We are an iPad loving family.  We don’t just love tablets in general, to be clear.  Specifically we love iPads.  When the Captain bought us another type of tablet, the Galaxy something-or-other, we promptly returned it.  What a faker.  Could never live up to the real deal.  iPads rock.  And I have frequently said, since becoming a believer, that it’s my favorite homeschool resource.  Of all the books, workbooks, videos, computer programs out there, I’d do without every single one of them just so that I could have an iPad.  It’s, hands down, my favorite thing.  We actually have three.  My husband has a business related one.  I have one that we all use.  And Drayken has one, a mini, that he saved up his money for and bought himself.  We all agree that the mini is not preferred over the larger iPad.  It’s just too small.  No one around here likes it, not even the owner.

Anyway, people who know we love the iPad have often asked us for names of our favorite apps.  So I finally took a little time to compose a few lists for you.  The kids and I each have a list of ten apps that we simply love.  There is some overlap (a few apps that two of the children would have chosen) but I’ve only listed each app once.

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!

First up, Hunter, my 9 year old son.

1.  Army of Darkness

2.  Survival Craft

3.  Minecraft

4.  Little Things

5. LEGO Creationary

6.  Tic Tac Toe Phonicsth

7.  Presidents Vs. Aliens

8.  Dyslexia Quest

9.  Beemo

10.  Band Together

Next up, Ronin, the 7 year old girl.

1.  Wheel of Fortune

2.  CanastaWheel-of-fortune-logo

3.  Uno & Friends

4.  Bookworm

5.  Bible Story:  Esther

6.  Naughty Pony

7.  Counting Money

8.  Rocket Speller

9.  Text Now

10.  Light Board

Third is Drayken, our 4 year old boy.

1.  Sonic Dash

2.  Monster’s Inc. Run

3.  Legends of Ooo

4.  Bamba Apps:  Burger, Ice cream, Pizza

5.  Fire House

6.  Curious George Zoo

7.  Letter School

8.  Fix-It Felix

9.  Wood Maze World Flags

10.  Little People Market

And finally, my list… the 35 year old homeschool mom.

1.  Spelling City

2.  Evernote

3.  NPR Music

4.  Stitchernpr

5.  Telling Time

6.  Alphabet and Number mazes

7.  NBC

8.  Skype

9.  Kindle

10.  Homework Radio

And that’s it folks.  (Most of) my family’s favorite apps for the iPad.  A few that we had listed I could not find links for so I had to list something in its place.  But this is a pretty decent sampling of what we use our iPads most often.  We hope you enjoy our lists and that you find something wonderful and new for your  homeschools or your free time or to help out in your busy lifestyles!  Let us know if you see any mistakes in the list.

Have a great school year!


One thought on “40 iPad Apps That Our Homeschooling Family Loves

  1. Thanks for this great post Mandy! I’m using almost the same apps as you (especially Evernote, Kindle and SKype, they’re among my top 5!). My kids (7 and 9) have been using a fairly new app I think called News-O-Matic. It’s pretty much a daily newspaper written for kids, and they really love it. I finally got my younger, the most reluctant reader in the universe, to read a little bit everyday! I took note of a few apps that I did not know in your kids’ list, thanks a lot for the tips!

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