DIY Homeschool Owl Study

This summer we did a couple of Unit Studies.  The kids were allowed to choose what topics we covered.  Ronin chose owls and that was a-okay by me because, well, I like owls.  I like to scour the internets and put together Unit Studies that work for my particular children.  This is what our owl study has consisted of:

* I used two nonfiction books from the library about owls to create questionnaires (fill-in-the-blank, True or False) for each child in his or her writing journal.  The questionnaires were different for each child and I included the page numbers where  the answer of each question could be found.

*We read every owl picture book we could get our hands on at the library…  Favorites include Owl Moon and Owl Babies.

*Visited the owl at the Wilderness Station near our house.  I was also able to purchase owl pellets from the Wilderness Station, which we dissected.  Ronin especially enjoyed the dissection.  She was particularly excited about identifying the bones of the rodent that the owl had eaten.  “Oh, a jaw!  A hip bone!”


*Completed an owl word search and owl cloze worksheet (you can google these key words and find ones that fit your needs)

*Watched an owl documentary on YouTube.

*Read, discussed, and watched “The Owl and the Pussycat”

*Tried our hand at drawing owls.


*Enjoyed a tasty owl snack.


Lunch meat with gluten free crackers, cream cheese spread and pickle slices.

*Each child chose a type of owl to learn about.  He or she learned about the owl, recorded five facts about the owl type, and later presented the information to their dad.

*Watched The Legend of the Guardians

We have really enjoyed learning about owls.  They are interesting creatures.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that I decided to read a book about an owl all on my own.  Wesley the Owl is “The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl”.  It was a fantastic book and helped me enjoy learning about owls that much more!


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