I Don’t Wear Glasses Anymore

After two and a half decades of wearing glasses (or contact lenses), I am no longer in need of visual repair.  Oh no, don’t worry, this isn’t some testimony about how I healed my eyes through the Law of Attraction or any other whooy wooy story that seems to be the trend among radical weirds such as myself.

No, I simply got laser surgery.

I’m not saying I regret getting the surgery.  There have been some cool things that I’ve noticed or enjoyed since ditching glasses, which I intend to note later.  But man, it was a pretty horrifying experience.  The anxiety I went through before the appointment over the unknown was pretty bad The anxiety I went through during the appointment about whether or not it was a reputable place or if I’d do something to somehow screw up the procedure and dealing with one particularly rude and condescending staff member (my husband backed me up on this one) was worse.  And the anxiety after the surgery, when I had to wait two weeks to really drive or see the tv very well… that was pretty terrible.  I convinced myself that I might never see again.  As ridiculous as it sounds, this is how my brain works.  I keep thinking about the procedure itself.  The red lights.  The tension in my body.  The deep desire to get up and run away.  The unimaginable pain that I was in for several days, particularly that night and the next day.  It was worse than my labors.  Because at least once those were over, I picked up a sweet little baby to cuddle and kiss on.  Sigh.  Fresh baby smell.

But I digress.

There are a few cool things that I can note, however, now that I can see just fine again.

They are…

*I can see in the shower.  To shave my legs a little better.  Not that it matters much. Since I don’t use a light in the shower because I prefer to not see. in. the. shower.

*I could, in theory, get in a pool without worrying about my glasses getting wet and also being able to see.  Except I don’t really like pools.  So I’ve not done that.

*I can see the clock when I wake up at night.  Which I hate.

*I don’t have to clean my glasses anymore.  This one I like.

*Sunglasses.  Two pair.  Cute ones too.

*Apparently I look even younger. And “different”.  I look different now.  Not sure that’s a good thing.

* No more looking for my glasses or asking people in the house to help me find my glasses.  Which I couldn’t find because I wasn’t wearing them.

*More pleasant jogging/walking/exercise experience.

*Dropping my glasses before I go to sleep and then having to either get up and find them and put them on my night stand or remember where they landed in the morning.  That sucked.

*No longer falling asleep in my glasses and waking up to either my husband or my daughter removing them (the later would also throw a sweet kiss in as a bonus)…. aww…. I kinda miss this one.

To be honest, I kinda miss my glasses.  I had black geeky glasses and funky red ones with yellow flowers and well… they were just such a fun fashion accessory.  But what’s done is done.  And having good vision is always a good thing, right?  Plus, if I were to ever pursue acting again, either professionally or within the community, I’ll be a more versatile candidate for various roles, right?







you decide. (not that it matters anyway.)


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Wear Glasses Anymore

    • Ugh! The worst! Contacts worked for me for a few years but after I started having kids, dry eyes became an issue. Plus I’d tend to fall asleep in them since I was so tired all of the time. I gave them up about 7 years ago.

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