Camp Charley at the Center for Courageous Kids

This weekend our family had the incredible opportunity to attend a wonderful camp for children who have had certain types of illnesses (leukemia being one of them) and their families.  The Center for Courageous Kids is in Scottsville, Kentucky and they host week long camps and weekend long retreats all year round.  The kids definitely want to go back again, both with their entire family but also for the week long oncology camp.  Siblings can attend that camp and both Hunter and Ronin are open to that possibility.

The location isn’t very far from our home.  The facility was beautiful and everything was neat and tidy.  Our only complaint was that we didn’t bring any of our board games so we’ll know to do that next time!

This weekend was jam packed with loads of fun activities, most of which my kids either had never experienced or had only experienced on a limited basis.

There was:

Trick or Treating,






Horseback Riding,


Paddleboating, Archery,


A bowling alley/game room, roasting s’mores, an open gym, and a great dining hall.

ImageThe staff accommodated for Hunter’s special dietary and sensory needs beautifully.   I also appreciated the medical presence on site as well as the fact that there is a small hospital less than five minutes from the camp’s property.  While this isn’t so important for us now, it made me smile to think that a child, no matter where he or she is on this medical journey could come and safely participate in camp activities and just be normal for a while.  While we were in the dining hall, Hunter got into the habit of putting on noise cancelling headphones in order to help block out the music and sounds from the crowd.  Now I know that we must own a pair for home.  I can’t wait to buy some tomorrow!


Traditionally, each camp group signs a “Cubby” poster that is displayed in the dining hall throughout the year.

Our “Cubby” was a Halloween-themed Jack-o-lantern.

ImageAlso, we were assigned a wonderful volunteer to help us navigate camp all weekend.  We enjoyed getting to know Lauren.  Her favorite tv show is “Gilmore Girls”… we had plenty to talk about and the kids really had fun hanging out with her.


Happy Halloween and Happy Fall!

Thank you, Center for Courageous Kids, for creating a full-filled weekend that our family will never forget.

See you next year!


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