The Conspiracy

When I was in college, I auditioned for and won the role of Ophelia, a holier-than-thou gothic weirdo vegetarian chick (basically myself at the time) for a student-produced tv show.  I made some of my dearest friends while making this show.  I learned that I like writing for tv better than performing on it, and I had a great time.  All of these years I held onto my copy of the episodes that were on a vhs tape.  I sent them home to California with my friend Jaime and he’s been converting them for YouTube.  Here they are, all in one link, for your enjoyment.

Episode one, in which I get really stressed out about a soda… and computers.

Episode 2, in which I trick a rapper into eating a salty burger.


Episode 3, in which I fantasize about dating a rapper.  And pretend to work out.


Episode 4, which I wrote a lot of and lifted an insult directly from “The Baby-sitter’s Club” books.  See if you can pick it out.


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