Blogtober Day 1: One Year of Kicking it Up a Notch

One year ago, I committed to exercise (nearly) every day and to hardly ever eat grains and sugar.  I’ve stuck with it and I’m blown away.  Today I commit to (try) blogging every day for a month because, well, let’s face it, blogging has not been high on my priority list as of late, now has it?  So I thought it only fitting that I write about my health year in honor of this special anniversary.

I like bullet points so let’s do that.

*I already ate healthier than most people in society. I know this. I knew this.  But there was still something missing.

*I might have done the work but someone else provided the inspiration.  I owe her a thank you.

Dear ******,

I saw you in public a few times after you dumped me and then tried to start drama with me when you discovered I’d blocked you on Facebook.  I noticed how you’d lost weight and how great you looked.  (By the way, you totally do.  Way to go!) But I refused to let you win.  So I made a decision to get up off my lazy rear end and start workin’ it.  And to give up things I liked such as sugar and bread.  It worked.  So thank you for the inspiration.  Keep up the good work.

Wishing it was easier for me to hate a person,


*At first I restricted calories and lost 12 pounds.  That was not always easy.  Now, to maintain the weight loss, I refuse to count calories.  I thought I wanted to lose down to 130 pounds.  But 134 is about where my body just naturally likes to stay and since I look fine and my clothing fits, I see no reason to try and starve myself in order to lose that extra 5 or so pounds.  It’s just not important.

*Recently I started to become tempted by the wraps being sold all over creation.  I would think to myself, “Ooh, you could lose an inch or two in your hips.  Or use it to tone up those thighs.”  But then I’d feel dirty.  And what I finally realized is that showing my daughter such a ridiculous display of vanity is not my idea of setting a great parenting example.  I don’t judge folks who want to use those things.  In fact, one day I might not be as satisfied with what gravity is doing to me and I might break down and try it.  But for now, I know my daughter is looking to me just as I looked to own mother.  I saw my mother smoke, never exercise and remain satisfied with (complacent about) a life that involved laundry and soap operas but little more.  She didn’t age gracefully and I never had the experience of thinking to myself, “I want to be like my mommy when I grow up.”  I want my daughter to at least not panic at the thought of growing up to look like or be like me.  If she looks like me at 37 after having three kids, I think she should be proud, not looking to some expensive product to help her achieve some unattainable level of perfection.  So, I’m giving her an example to follow.  Right now that example includes eating well, taking supplements, exercising, and taking time out to practice my art.  And right now I feel like wrapping myself up for the sake of vanity would not help me accomplish my goals of being a positive role model for my little girl.

*Coffee is wonderful.  I’ve loved it since I could walk.  But at some point, as I jumped on the raw food bandwagon, I decided it was bad for me.  Over the course of the past year, I’ve welcomed coffee back into my diet.  I discovered that I am just as sensitive to caffeine as I’d always believed myself to be.  So I’ve gone back to only drinking organic decaf.  I add coconut oil, maple flavor, vanilla, stevia, butter, and gelatin.  I zizz it up in my Ninja and it’s the thing I most look forward to consuming each day.  I refuse to give it up and I’m starting to believe there is no reason to give it up anyway.

*I love posting pictures of my healthy meals on instagram.  Follow me there @herecomesamandyray.

*Sometimes when I’m outside, doing my 3 mile power walk, it occurs to me that I feel… powerful.  My shoulders are more shapely.  I’m stronger.  I’m leaner.  I simply feel like I could defend myself and I no longer feel like a little weakling unable to lift things or take care of business.  When I have such an occurrence, there is an extra spring in my step.  It wakes me up and refreshes me.  I. AM. STRONG.

*Working out doesn’t have to just happen in a gym.  A long time ago I learned that I’m not a gym person.  I don’t like being near the people.  I don’t like the childcare available.  And I certainly don’t like driving to a gym and then driving home.  Where would I find time for that?  So I have simply limited my exercise options to those things I can do at home. But really, this isn’t much of a limitation.  I can do so many different types of workouts, spend no money, and totally get my sweat on, right from the comfort of my own home.

Some of my favorite at-home workouts are:

3 mile walk on the road near my house

Youtube videos:  Fitness Blender and Jessica Smith are two of my favorites.

Hula Hooping to the tune of my favorite music or tv show!

Just Dance

*Getting fit and improving my health has been the single best investment I’ve ever made with my time.  I have never been more proud of myself.  I’ve graduated Magna Cum Laude and Most Outstanding Senior in Psychology.  I’ve given birth at home, without drugs, twice.  I’ve starred in plays.  I’ve written plays.  Never before has anything given me such a sense of satisfaction as committing to something that was HARD and I didn’t want to do and doing it anyway.

This year has been so amazing. I no longer feel like my fate to grow old quickly and to die young is sealed.  I have control over my destiny.  I get to choose and I choose health.  This is a choice I will not soon regret.

A 1 year PostworkoutFitaversary Selfie!

A 1 year PostworkoutFitaversary Selfie!


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