Blogtober Day 3: A Love Letter to Summer

Dear Summer,

Typically, I’m glad to see you go.  At the end of September, you are asked to pack your bags and be moving on.  And, hey, don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.  This year, though, things have been… different.  Summer, you and me?  Well, I feel like we’ve made up.

In 2014, you didn’t bring with you the endless weeks of sweltering heat I’m used to experiencing.  Each year after miserable year you have made me hole up in my home like some kind of hermit, desperate to avoid the high temperatures. My neurotic need to wear long sleeves all of the time is complicated by the fact that, well, it’s hot.  And just plain uncomfortable.  Granted, this year, I switched to some light weight cotton jackets.  They were much less stifling than the long sweater I was used to wearing (even during the July when we reached a record high of, I believe, 116 degrees).  No, Summer, this year I was able to get outside at least a little each day, even if it was just first thing in the morning and again in the evening.  I continued my outdoor walks and even got a couple new freckles on my face.  I didn’t shy away from your sunshine.  Instead, I basked in it.

Maybe I’m sad to see you go because with you came many fun experiences.  My oldest child attended away-from-home-big-kid-overnight-camp and actually liked it.

Hunter's dorm at camp had a Harry Potter Theme.  His room was Gryffindor!

Hunter’s dorm at camp had a Harry Potter Theme. His room was Gryffindor!

As you can see from his shirt, he also attended a drama camp as well.  Two weeks of improv games, friends, watching movies, eating pizza and topped it all off with a show.  And he got to play one of the lead roles.  So much winning.

I’ll always remember this summer as the one where I performed not once but TWICE for a local storytelling event, That Time of the Month.  You can go hear to download the episodes and listen to my stories yourself!  Episodes 11 and 14 are mine.

Maybe it’s because this summer was the one where the kids and I lived in a hotel for ten days and, while it was challenging, it was also ten days we’ll always remember.  “Remember how we lived in a hotel for ten days?  Yeah.  That was cool.”

After a while, hotel living made for grumpy kids.

After a while, hotel living made for grumpy kids.

For the record, the reason we were living in the hotel was so that my husband could give us a new kitchen floor after our flooding incident on mother’s day.

Isn't it pretty?

Isn’t it pretty?

This will also be the summer we remember as the one when Hunter and Ronin both chopped off their ponytails and donated them to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so they could be used to make wigs for women with cancer.  I have this romantic idea that, since it takes about six ponytails to make one wig, their hair will be used together in the same wig.  Regardless, I’m proud as can be of them.  And they love their new hair cuts.


One ponytail.

One ponytail.

Two ponytails.

Two ponytails.

And while we are still receiving delicious food from our csa now that it’s fall, we can’t help but miss the kale, cucumbers, berries, tomatoes and corn from the summer.  Just look at this delicious bounty.  I tell ya, Summer, you fed us well.


Of course, I think my favorite thing that you brought me this year, Summer, had to be the free time.

I read geeky books:blogtober7

I was able to work on mindless art projects:

Yes, that Bart Simpson in a bath tub.

Yes, that Bart Simpson in a bath tub.

And we all started sketch books:


Now that school has started, I simply don’t have time to zentangle, work on my series of portraits of pop culture icons/tv show characters, or to flesh out my essays and take that outline for my next play and convert it into an actual script.  Nope, all of my time is going to driving kids to their various activities, attending ball games, making school plans and executing said plans.  I barely have time to cook anything interesting.

So, Summer, I’m sure you can see why I am already missing you desperately. Until we meet again, I suppose I’ll just have Halloween, another family trip to CCK, the arrival of three new babies, a trip to Disney World, Christmas and at least one possibly two more productions to add to Hunter’s acting resume to which to look forward.  Still, I’d give it all up to have you back.





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