Blogtober Day 8: An Interview with Hunter

img_0608bAn Interview with Hunter at age 10 and 7 months.

1.  A list of favorites:
       Color? Pink
       Food? Pizza
      TV Show? The Simpsons
      Thing to wear? Blue sweat pants and Minecraft shirt
      Book? The Amulet series
      Person? Ronin
      Fictional character? Bart Simpson
      Holiday? Christmas
      Movie?  Fiddler on the Roof, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

2. What are some of your hobbies?  Minecraft, watching Minecraft videos, theater

3. Do you have a best friend and if so, why do you pick that person?  Ronin, Ewan, and Wyatt.  They are all funny.

4.  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?    Florida

5.  What plans do you have for the future?  I don’t know.

6.  What’s the best thing about your life right now?  Friends

7.  What’s the worst thing about your life right now? I hate walking in general because it hurts.

8.  What’s the one thing you are most proud of? Learning how to do cool stuff in Minecraft.

9.  Are you glad that you are homeschooled?  If so, why are you most thankful for that freedom? Yes, because people would bully me if I went to school because I’m a loser.

 10.  What’s one thing you are working on right now?  I’m working on getting mods for Minecraft.

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