Blogtober Day 9: Spring Semester 2015 School Plans

When I meet people for the first time and I tell them that I homeschool, they almost always ask me if I have a curriculum I follow.  No is the shortest answer but this is not exactly true.  We are genuinely an eclectic homeschool family and therefore it’s difficult to verbalize in normal daily conversation exactly what we do around here.  However, just in case someone chances upon my blog, and for my own sanity, I make plans and then I also like to record them here.

So, without further ado, here are my plans for school following winter break.

(*these plans are subject to change, most likely will be changed, could easily be scrapped all together)

Drayken, Kindergarten:

Math:  Khan Academy, Life of Fred Apples, Workbooks, various games and activities from around the internet and around the house

Language arts:  Book It!, Teach Your Monster to Read, Possibly Headsprout, Possibly Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, PBS Kids games, workbooks, various games and activities from around the internet and around the house

Everything else he will get through television, movies, books, field trips, co-op, and through his interactions with the world around him.

Hunter and Ronin,  4th/5th graders:

Shepherd’s Heart will offer Spanish, PE, Health, Science, History, Language Arts

Language Arts:  Hunter will continue SPIRE, Ronin will continue Explode the Code, Both of them work on grammar packets, 4 Square (a writing curriculum), 4th Grade Spelling Book, Lessons from Writing Fix, Literature study

Books we intend to read:  Harry Potter 4, finish Wildwood, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Math:  Khan Academy, Life of Fred G and H, Various Worksheets and activities

Science:  They take a class at the Wilderness Station near our house.

History:  Continue our Abeka US History Book, hopping off at each figure and learning more about that figure before moving on to the next.

Bible/Religion:  A friend recently gave me a book called Praying in Color.  I think we will incorporate this book into our work next semester.  I intend to use it by incorporating prayer and meditation into our sketch book time.  I’m excited about it!

Art:  Theater is on the horizon for sure.  I’ll continue to do art projects with the kids but right now I don’t have them mapped out.  However, I’m inspired to do that… to map them out ahead of time.

Beads of Courage:  We recently started our bead collection for each child in our family.  Since my oldest has had cancer, he and his siblings received their starter kits.  I plan to use these kits for creative writing and art inspiration purposes.


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