Blogtober Day 10: A Collection of Hilarious YouTube Links

One of my favorite things about my children is that they all inheritedjohn_daker_stern a warped sense of humor just like me and their dad.  The things we find funny often frighten and disturb the average person.  I’d like to think it’s because we are all well above average in intelligence but, more likely to be cause is the fact that every last one of us is a weirdo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Something we all have in common around here is our habitual tendency to collect and then rewatch bizarre and hilarious videos on YouTube.  We see lots of videos but every once in a while one will stick and we’ll become totally hooked on it.  We’ll watch it daily for a while and then whip it out whenever we’re in need of a good laugh on a crappy day.  Occasionally we’ll just gather round the laptop and watch all of them, one after another.

Because our collection of ridiculous YouTube videos brings our family such happiness, I thought I’d create a list of our very favorites to share with our friends and readers.  Enjoy!

(You’ll notice that many of these links are to Tim and Eric sketches.  I love that my kids love Tim and Eric.  How awesome is that?)

In no particular order…

Meet Casey and his Brother.  They haven’t done their work.

Listen to Richard Simmons Crank call a redneck.

Jackie has had an accident.

My Name is John Daker.

Wilford Brimley keeps calling Liberty Medical.

What’s your dad like? 

You’re so stupid!

Sit on You. 

Just in time for Halloween, folks.

Welcome to King Burger.  

See the Fonz and his army of clones.

Let us know if you watch our favorite videos!  And send us your favorite funny videos.


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