Blogtober Day 12: Reclaiming the Weekend

At one point in time, our lives were so chaotic and unstructured that the week days blended in with the weekends.  I wasn’t anxious for Friday evening to come along.  There was no break to anticipate.  It was just one long, tedious, exhausting day after another.

We don’t really live that way anymore.  Our weeks all look relatively the same.

And to be honest, I kinda like the way we are living now a little bit more.  Okay, a lot more.

There is something satisfying about making school plans, carrying out those plans for 4-6 hours per day, driving around to counseling appointments, field trips, classes, ball games, play rehearsal, cleaning a house, doing the laundry, making three healthy meals a day, and then collapsing, totally worn to a frazzle, in bed every night.

And when you are keeping that kind of schedule during the week, there is something sacred about the respite a weekEND can provide.

So here I am, announcing that I will be reclaiming our weekENDS.  There is no need to drive around to activities no one really cares about.  It’s senseless to bind ourselves to busy-ness just because there are “learning opportunities”.   There is simply no shame in saying, “Hey, I’m staying home.  I’m tired.  I want to sit around the house in my lounge clothing, drink my coffee, watch this week’s episode of Parenthood while I bawl my eyes out, and focus on stuff I want to do instead of stuff I have to do.”

This weekend I’ve caught up on my shows, caught up on my laundry, made some delicious food, baked celebratory muffins, bookmarked lessons, latch hooked, decided what my next needle felt project will be (Christmas cottage in case you care), taken a shower, washed my hair, watched Rosemary’s Baby because I could, and enjoyed nearly two hours worth of exercise.  I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming crazy week.

I’m taking back my weekends, darn it.  And it feels so good!


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