Blogtober Day 15: Ghosts of Halloweens Past


Spooked by Daddy’s coat hanging in the doorway of the dining room

Have to run quickly past on the way to the bathroom

At night, peeing during a commercial break

Dressed as a “ghost” in a Casper costume

Face smeared with black

Back when ghosts were friendly, not cobwebs left in my mind by horrors discovered in hospitals and “women’s health clinics”

Trick or treat, it’s mine and Daddy’s thing

Our only thing

Leaves crackle under feet as we visit with neighbors we rarely see

Mama stays home to hand out candy

She always buys the cheap kind

So Daddy begs chocolates off the neighbors who spring for the good stuff

Parties at the homes of classmates

We don’t trick or treat now

I miss the one thing I did with my Daddy

Rocky Horror

Costumes in high school

The one day you were allowed to be a freak

This holiday is evil

Its pagan roots, its satanic rituals

Wait, um, no.  Forget that.  Halloween is awesome.

Decorations, subtle and classy

Hand towels, breakfast plates, homeschool art projects

They make the day a little brighter

We may not trick or treat

I may do things a little differently with my own children

Passing the torch down to my little Hermione, Enderman and Creeper on my favorite day of the year


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