Upon the First Day of My 38th Year

Today I am thirty-seven years old.  This used to be a scary-sounding age to me.  Probably because it was the age of my father when he had his first heart attack.  Until recently, getting older, in my mind, was synonymous with failing health.  So thankful I took control of my health and now I actually feel better at thirty-seven than I did at twenty-seven or even seventeen.

Usually I make goals for the upcoming year on or near my birthday.  This year is no different.  I have a few goals to set/changes to make.

*Work on an inventory of art projects so by that this time next year I could have a booth at a craft fair if I wanted one.

*Consider hosting classes in my home for other homeschool children in exchange for money.

*Finally write that play I have outlined in my legal pad and continue to work on my book.

*After a couple weeks off Facebook, with an exception of dealing with things I need to deal with, I’ve decided that removing myself from the constant flow of information has been very healthy.  So, I intend to keep using Facebook the way that I’ve been using it since I started my semi-Facebook fast… post links to my blogs, say hi to friends every few days, send an event invitation, check in on important matters.  I’ve spent about ten minutes on Facebook every three days or so.  Otherwise, I’m logged out.  And I kinda love it.

Mostly, however, today I feel like focusing on the accomplishments I’ve made in the past year.

My marriage is better.

I’m writing.

I’m working out.

I’m eating well.

I’m happy.

I’m joyful.

I have healthy wonderful friendships that mean so very much to me.

My life is full.

A few years ago when I started these birthday goals, I struggled with feeling joyful and fulfilled.  These goals have given me focus and helped me to evaluate what really brings me happiness.  I can honestly say that right now, there is very little in my life that I want to change.  If anything, I just need to buckle down and be more intentional about doing more of what I’ve been doing in the past year.

Isn’t that amazing?


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