A Theological Conversation Upon the Arrival of Easter

Somehow the conversation with my children turned to God and theology so I decided to ask them a few questions.  Here I share with you their answers.

Drayken is age 6.

Ronin is age 9.

Hunter is age 11.

What do you think God looks like?
Ronin:  Well, isn’t the theory that God has brown hair and a brown beard with a brown robe?

Hunter:  That’s what He looks like on The Simpsons.

But what do YOU think He looks like?  Is he a tangible person who you can actually see or something else?

Hunter:  No, I don’t think so.

Ronin:  I think maybe God is a spirit.

Drayken:  I think God is everywhere.

Why do you think we call God a He?

Ronin:  Maybe we just call God a He because that is what comes naturally to us?  But I think God is genderless.

Do you think that Jesus died on the cross to erase our sins or did Jesus die because we are sinners?

Ronin:  The last thing.  I think maybe Jesus died to get us to STOP sinning.  So that we would see what our sins could do, how terrible our sins can be.


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