Self-care: A writing exercise

I am…deeply humiliated and filled with paralyzing fear.
The main thing about me is…that I honestly don’t think I can survive out in the real world, especially not without the help of my husband.
I always…feel the deepest connections with the wrong people.
I feel most like me when…listening to my vinyl while singing and dancing around my house in my lounge pants, a headband, and t-shirt.
What I like most about a person is…their ability to love, support, and not judge… unconditionally.
I will be…smarter, less trusting, and listening to my gut from now on.
I get angry when…I think about how mean, cruel, manipulative, and disgusting people can be.
I feel happiest when…my entire family is together, spending time laughing and enjoying one another.
I believe in…love.  Even when it hurts.
One thing I want to accomplish is…for a play I’ve written to be produced.
What I like most about myself is…my kind heart and gentle spirit.
I hate it when…I cannot protect my loved ones from pain and suffering.
I was…unaware of the truth right before my eyes.
I feel least like me when…I am trying hard to fit into a conservative judgmental environment or mindset.
I feel weakest when…someone is pointing out or taking advantage of my vulnerabilities and flaws.


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