12 Things That Didn’t Suck about 2015

Here is, in no particular order, a list of things that didn’t suck about 2015. Because I’ve focused enough on what did suck.

  1. I did theater. And while it led to a lot of suckage, it also led to my learning more about costuming a show and how to run the theater and, well, now I’m directly involved with the theater in a more specific way and that makes me happy. Right?
  2. I did more theater. Another show at a different theater… a big part where I got to be funny and make people laugh and that definitely made me very very happy.
  3. Made new friends. Like brand spanking new people I didn’t know this time last year are now folks I text with and visit with on a regular basis. Awesome!
  4. Grew closer to friends I already had. Several folks I already considered to be my friends are now even closer friends than they were, say, a year ago.
  5. My marriage. Dude, the hubby and I are in a better place than we have been in years. This is pretty amazing considering the year we had.
  6. Kate. Kate Pierson, the love of my life before the people in this house were a part of it, released a solo album (which I now own on vinyl, cd and mp3) and proceeded to go on tour which included a stop in Nashville where I drank too much wine, watched her play an incredible show in awe and snagged a couple of hugs and pictures and had a sweet conversation with her and… gosh, I just love her so much.
  7. TV. Seriously, there was so much amazing television this year. It’s hard to imagine a time in my life when Kimmy Schmidt didn’t exist now that I’ve watched the entire first season a good six or seven times. Thanks, television, for giving me something to do while being pathetic.
  8. I got better. Had nervous breakdown. Broke my body, literally. Broken in every possible way. And then healed and survived and am starting the new year out in an improved state. Sweet! High five!
  9. Christmas. We had a lot of fun this Christmas. I didn’t cry. I laughed and smiled and felt loved and not alone and… yeah. Good memories were made.
  10. Star Wars. I’ve spent my whole life trying to get on board that fandom train but just could not force myself to care about the force. (See what I did there?) But man, 7 has totally stolen my heart and now I’m ordering Star Wars skirts on the internet.
  11. My kids. For goodness sake, my kids were rock stars this year. They met their goals from last year, they stepped it up when things got rough around here, and they matured immensely. Gosh, they just bring me such joy and I’m so thankful for them.
  12. Vinyl. With Christmas money last year, I treated myself to a fairly cheap record player which was followed by the hauling of the vinyl into the house and then finding a shelf appropriate for housing these treasures. Finally, I ended up with what is now my favorite part of my house… a record-playing station that is practical and aesthetically pleasing plus a rocking chair next to it for my aspie stemming needs. In fact, a couple weeks ago, I realized I must have subconsciously been recreating a childhood memory by purchasing a cheap rocker to place next to my record station because I spent every afternoon as a preschooler rocking myself and playing records. It was such a comforting ritual and if there is anything I need right now in my life it is a comforting ritual. If you stop by unexpectedly, don’t be surprised to find me rocking so hard I nearly tip backward (according to my Mama, this is what I would do), belting out “Islands in the Stream” at the top of my lungs.

And finally, a few things to which I’m looking forward in 2016…

Walking along the beach, seeing the B-52s with the Nashville symphony, a less complicated schedule, revamping homeschool, a full year of health, making art, and even more amazing television.


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