Follow Your Bliss Homeschool Enrichment Program

My family is so excited to offer our community the Follow Your Bliss Homeschool Enrichment Program!  Launching September of 2015, FYB is an 8 week tutorial offered in our home.  We can’t wait to share our family and our knowledge with you and your children.

I, Mandy, have three children ages 11, 9, and 6.  None of my children have ever attended school.  My teaching style is hands-on, interactive, and lecture-free.  Your children can expect to be busy with activities during our classes.  My husband and I aren’t interested in your children staying in their seats for long periods of time.  We want them up and moving around, using their hands and staying busy.  This is how, we believe, people learn best.

My degree is in psychology and I have minors in theater and English.  After I graduated, I went back to college to study education for 3 semesters which was when I discovered that not only did I not want to teach in the public school system but one day I would like to homeschool my own children.

My husband, Michael Jones, has a degree in psychology as well.  Learn more about his sword background here.

Go here to read more information about our family (even if the information is a little outdated… need to work on that).

When:  Every Friday from September 4- October 23 with an alternative make up date in case we have to cancel due to sickness or weather scheduled for November 6th.


Family Pot Luck scheduled for Saturday, October 24th, 4-7pm.

Where:  Conveniently located in the South side of Murfreesboro.  Our home is five minutes from a new Kroger, a new Walmart, a new Goodwill, a Starbucks, and Barfield Crescent Park. Drop your child off for class and do your grocery shopping.  Take a hike!  Enjoy an afternoon coffee and some thrift store shopping.

Who:  Homeschoolers ages 8-13 (ages are flexible and students outside of this age bracket can be considered on a case by case basis)

Approximate supply list is as follows:

Each student will need to bring:

A packed lunch/snacks

Markers, crayons, colored pencils

Pencils and Pens




Glue sticks

If you would like to pack some of these items to keep at my home for the 8 weeks, you may do so.

Classes planned for Fall 2015:

Philosophy for Children:  Using group games, writing assignments, and children’s literature, we’ll explore philosophy on a level children will understand and enjoy.

Creative Writing:  Is writing a dirty word in your homeschool?  Never fear!  In this unique class, each student will work at his or her own pace while producing something tangible they can treasure for a lifetime.  By the end of our eight weeks together, every one of my students will have published their own book!

Swordfighting: Taught by Michael Jones, who says this about the class: “I will be teaching a basic class on weapons and sword fighting. We will be using foam padded “swords” as we practice. Students will start by learning basic and advanced footwork with an emphasis on footwork used in Olympic Fencing. From there they will learn basic and advanced blocks followed by attacks. By the end of the semester, students will be able to use basic movements in conjunction with their blocks and attacks. Each student will make their very own padded sword which they get to keep when class is over.”

Sword class alternative:  If any of the students prefer to not participate in swordfighting, we will offer the option of a “game closet” class.  This simply means that the student will be allowed to choose a game from our game closet and enjoy it during sword time.

Will there be homework?  The short answer is no.  My intention is to have our classes be self-contained.  I will send out an email newsletter weekly and will include optional extension activities in addition to the details of what we covered on Friday.  Occasionally there might be some loose ends to tie up for our creative writing projects but I’ll do my best to make sure every student gets as much done in class as possible.

Each afternoon will start with lunch at the picnic table or at the kitchen table, depending upon weather.  We’ll spend the first 45 minutes of our meeting time in fellowship with friends.  Children will have time to enjoy our large yard, swing set, pirate ship, and trampoline during our time together.

Program costs:

$125.00 tuition plus $10.00 supply fee for the first child

Additional children in your family will cost:

$100.00 tuition plus $10.00 supply fee

Tuition is due in full first day of class, September 4th.

Registration fee to hold spot which cannot be refunded after August 21st, 2015:

(Registration fee will be applied toward tuition)

$20.00 per child

How can I register?!

To hold your child’s spot for the FYB Homeschool Enrichment Program, you must do the following:

1.Email Mandy at to let her know your child would like to sign up.

2. Fill out, sign, and return waiver and registration form (which Mandy will send you via email).

3.  Pay $20.00 registration fee by check, paypal, or cash.

We only have six spots available!

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at  You can also call or text me at 615-691-289nine

Thanks to The HomeSchool Mom for listing our enrichment program on her website so we can spread the word!



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